Tampere will broaden its horizons

Tampere will broaden its horizons

A five-star City Centre in 2030

Tampere is renowned for being ready to reinvent itself. Surveys over several years have shown the city to be the most sought-after place to live in Finland, the most desirable city to study in and the most popular tourist destination.

With the Five-star City Centre development programme, the city centre of Tampere will be significantly revamped by 2030, and the urban structure of the growing city will become denser and more harmonised. The Tampere Deck and the Arena are a central part of the Five-star City Centre programme. It is also one of the key projects in high-quality architecture, carbon neutral construction, digital services and safe venues in Tampere.

The city of Tampere is investing EUR 60 million in the Tampere Deck project, of which EUR 26 million will be invested in the arena property company. The city will also pay EUR 22.7 million to make the arena plot suitable for construction and 11.3 million for the deck infrastructure. The city’s share of the construction costs of the decks will be EUR 34 million in total.

For more information on the Tampere Deck project, please visit the City of Tampere website.
You can watch an animated video about the Tampere 2030 – Five-star City Centre project here.