Friends & Brgrs is the new flagship brand in the Arena's fast food offering

Tampere Deck Arena’s restaurant business partner NoHo Partners has bought a majority of the fast food company Friends & Brgrs, known for its high-quality hamburgers. The chain has been selected as the most popular fast food chain in Finland (a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus in 2018).

- It’s great to be able to work with NoHo, a pioneer in the restaurant business. From the outset, our goal has been to expand our operation into a chain of dozens of restaurants, says Patrik Fagerholm, CEO of Friends & Brgrs.

Friends & Brgrs will be the flagship brand of Tampere Deck Arena in fast food. When the arena opens in 2021, experience lovers will be able to enjoy delicious and high-quality burgers and the famous triple cooked potatoes for which the chain has become known in Finland.

- Friends & Brgrs is a wonderful addition to the restaurant offering at Tampere Deck Arena. Sustainability and high quality are things that fit well with the values of the arena, says Marko Hurme, CEO of the arena.

Changes in the shareholdings of the Tampere Deck & Arena project

SRV has announced today that it will sell three quarters of its share in the Tampere Deck & Arena project to other investor partners in the project: OP, Ilmarinen and Lähi-Tapiola. Changes in shareholdings between owners have no impact on the project’s progress and implementation. SRV will continue as a co-owner, developer and builder of the project.

Great network, stronger communications

The Arena’s partner companies’ network of communications staff had at a meeting at SEK in January. The upcoming events and communications topics for the new year were scheduled, and many new ideas also emerged. Tampere Deck Arena’s Managing Director, Marko Hurme, reminded the attendees of the strength of a partner network.

“Tampere Deck Arena is one of the most exciting experiences projects even on a global scale. Together with this amazing partner network, we can easily reach audiences of millions.”

2019 was the year in which the arena’s branding project was launched. Its communications got off to a good start in the late spring with the launch of its social media channels and website. The good news about the next-generation arena is now being relayed on several platforms.

“We’ve been able to start 2020 in a different place as people’s awareness of the arena has been taken to a whole new level, and we are now highlighting the numerous pioneering solutions the arena will be able to offer. An important part of this process is our newly-drafted responsibility programme,” says Marko.

Representatives from almost all stakeholders in the partner network attended the communications meeting, and the brainstorming was found to be very useful. It was decided that the next meeting will be held in spring in the place where it’s all happening: on the site in Tampere.





Towards the Arena: Digital services lift the arena to whole new dimensions

It’s 2022. You are going to see your favourite band at Tampere Deck Arena. Let’s envisage the situation: what kind of experience will your long-awaited evening turn out to be?

If you live in Tampere, the arena’s app will give you a timely estimate of when to arrive to avoid congestion. Whether you’re travelling by public transport or by car, the app will calculate the fastest route and, if necessary, it’ll also tell you the location of available parking spaces. Even if you leave a bit late, you won’t need to queue outside the entrance. Your concert tickets will only be checked once you’ve entered the venue. You’ll find your seat quickly with the help of the app, and while waiting for the show to begin, you can watch a video of the act.

You can enjoy the atmosphere during the interval instead of queuing up: ordering and paying for food, drinks and merchandise is quick on your mobile device. After the show, the app will give you the quickest route home – and for your out-of-town friends, the way to their hotel. Not that you’ll be in a hurry to leave: the restaurants and services in the arena are open until the early hours.

The experience is not just about what happens on the stage or in the rink. We want every guest who arrives at the arena to have a first-class experience from the moment they buy their tickets, and digital services will enhance the experience.

We are currently working with our partners to develop a digital platform that will bring together all the services related to the arena experience. Our aim is to provide arena customers with an experience that does not involve queuing, rushing around or wasting time on different electronic or other systems. We also want to support responsible choices. Since the arena is located in the city centre, it’s often easiest to access by public transport. We will encourage consumers to do this by providing personalised information to support their decision, such as details about traffic jams or travel times, as well as the easiest way to buy tickets to their destination.

Our job is only just starting. So now is a good time to let your imagination soar: what would make your visit to the arena an unforgettable experience? Let us know, and we can work together to make it a reality!

Marko Hurme, Managing Director, Tampere Deck Arena

The winners of Casino Tampere’s experience design competition have been chosen

The winner of Casino Tampere’s experience design competition was announced in Tampere Kansi Visit Center on Tuesday, January 28th. The competition was won by a team formed by three companies – Miltton Creative, Koko3, and LDC – and their winning entry was titled Personoitu kasinokokemus (Personalized Casino Experience)

The competitors were encouraged to make use of cross-disciplinary knowhow, and the winning team excelled in it.  The team displayed high-class know-how in experiential interior design, lighting design, and the creation of marketing concepts.

The design competition that was launched last autumn sought solutions for the interior design and experiential offerings of the upcoming casino. The aim was to come up with entirely new kinds of experiences for the casino.

– The winning concept manages to combine the digital and physical worlds successfully, while creating personalized experiences for the customers, for example, through lighting, Ari Tuuli, Project Manager of Casino Tampere says.

– Working on the design was a super fun process. We had not met each other previously in such a context, and yet the cooperation between our companies was smooth and fun, just like experience design should be, said Mari Relander from Koko3, right after the winner was announced.

The team to rank second in the competition was a group called Living Lab Casino, which presented a concept titled Games & Heartbeats. Their plan was rewarded with 25,000 euros in an event held at Kansi Visit Center in Tampere. The third place in the competition and 20,000 euros were awarded to a team formed by four companies (MUUAN, Doohlabs, Craneworks, Zoan), for their concept titled Virta.

Redefining the existing casino standards

The entries covered interior design and experiences for the casino’s space of 2,000 square metres, as well as its entrances. The competition consisted of two phases. During the first phase, the versatility and knowhow of the participant teams, together with their preliminary plans, were assessed. The best nine teams were chosen to take part in the second phase. One of the chosen teams left the competition at this point.

In the second phase, the teams got to work on their plans in cooperation with Veikkaus’ specialists, experts of the experience industry, and casino specialists.

– We gained a wealth of fresh new ideas with the competition: responsibility, brightness, lush, adjustable spatial solutions, and combinations of the physical world with the digital. We wish to create a place where you can enjoy spending time even if you did not play. At the Casino Tampere, the existing casino standards will be redefined, says Ari Tuuli.

Besides awarding the prize amounts, Veikkaus may sign agreements on the use of the competition entries at Casino Tampere.

The company responsible for Tampere Deck Arena’s business management has been established

Tampere Deck & Arena Management Oy is responsible for the arena’s operations and the development of experience services together with its commercial partners.

Tampere Deck & Arena Management Oy has started operations under the leadership of Marko Hurme. The newly-established company is responsible for the arena’s operations and the development of experience services together with its commercial partners. The company is located in the Tampere Deck Visit Center, just a stone’s throw from the site.

According to Marko Hurme, who joined Tampere Deck & Arena Management Oy as its CEO on 1 November, the founding of the company marks an important moment in the arena’s operations.

“The plans are now really starting to materialise! After many years of thorough preparations, the site’s construction is quickly progressing. We are now starting to build the arena’s brand and business operations,” says Hurme, who adds that sleeves have been rolled up and the plan is crystal clear.

“First of all, I want to meet every partner in person and discuss how we’ll work together to make the arena a success. We will also need to listen closely to all future users, fans and customers of the arena.”

Once completed, the arena will serve as a venue for a variety of experiences and services that both event organisers and paying audiences will find very easy to access. Developing a completely new digital customer path in collaboration with the entire partner network is one of the items on the new company’s agenda.

“We want to provide our guests with unprecedented experiences, and companies with agile and inspiring ways to work with us. The platform model and digitalisation will create a great framework that will be unique even on a global scale,” Hurme promises.

Towards the new arena: Tampere Deck Arena will definitely be a success story

The streets remain in the same place, but Tampere around them has changed. That was the first thought that struck me when I returned to Tampere one cold November day. My old hometown has greatly improved since my youth, which I spent in Viinikka and many other neighbourhoods; after initial bafflement, I was really happy to see the changes.

Tampere is now developing faster than ever: with the completion of the Deck, Tampere will have a new neighbourhood and the new arena will be its beating heart. It’s wonderful to be part of this development!

Tampere Deck Arena will be a unique experience centre in the world. The visitor-friendly location in the heart of the city encourages guests to come to the venue by public transport, and this – together with its state-of-the-art architecture – is what makes the arena so attractive. With the help of new technology, we will be able to create completely new experiences that start from the moment visitors come up with the idea of participating in an event. And the arena will not sleep even when the lights are switched off. The restaurants, cafes, hotel and casino will serve both us locals and visitors around the clock.

Tampere Deck Arena will definitely be a success story. The story will be the result of our joint efforts. I promise to bring decades of experience and connections from service and event businesses to the company, as well as my positively boyish enthusiasm to make good things happen.

Something like this arena cannot be built by just one person. I’m very pleased to be able to jump on board this train, whose other passengers already include dozens of leading players in their fields.
Dear partners: thank you for taking part! I can’t wait to meet all of you in person. And if you are still considering working with the arena: please contact us! There is still room for new enthusiastic partners in the front row of experiences.

Marko Hurme

Lapland Hotels: A great hotel experience is the result of innovative details

A great hotel experience is the result of innovative details

"Our desire to provide new experiences is reflected in the design of the new hotel." Ari Vuorentausta, Lapland Hotels

Lapland Hotels’ 18 unique hotels are located in the urban environments in Finnish cities, busy ski resorts, and on the edge of the wilderness and the rugged landscapes of northern Lapland.

Our latest hotel is being built in a completely new environment as an integral part of Tampere Deck Arena. This hotel, located in the heart of the Arena, will offer guests the opportunity to enjoy all the services, events and experiences in the area.

This project takes Lapland Hotels to new frontiers, even on a global scale. Our desire to provide new experiences is reflected in the design of the new hotel. The rooms with boxes that open directly onto the arena are sure to impress even the most demanding guests, while the 70 rooms with a sauna will ensure the hotel offers a distinctively Finnish feel that international visitors, in particular, will appreciate.

The demand for experiences is emphasized in the travel industry, and this is also the case in the hotel business. The setting must be great, and the complete customer experience relies on high quality and excellent service. Elements that enhance authenticity, ease and well-being are valued, and guests like to be impressed and surprised. Uniqueness together with innovative and exciting details mean that hotel guests will share their experience with their friends and family.

The massive Tampere Deck Arena project highlights the importance of collaboration – and we are bringing in our experience from northern Finland. The people in Lapland are used to working together towards a common goal, and the Arena and its unparalleled services will benefit from collaboration between strong partners. This is a network of partners who are creating something completely new and unique in Finland.

Ari Vuorentausta, CEO, Lapland Hotels

The unique hotel that is due to open in the Arena will be run by Lapland Hotels. The state-of-the-art complex will offer Arena guests more than 280 hotel rooms and comprehensive services, including a restaurant and bar seating 350 guests. The hotel’s many special solutions will reflect the uniqueness of the arena concept.

Veikkaus: Collaborating to create a next-generation casino

Collaborating to create a next-generation casino

“Casino Tampere will harness technologies of the future to improve customer experience, security and a responsible gaming experience.” Ari Tuuli, Veikkaus

Competition for people’s attention and leisure time is getting fiercer. Experiences are constantly and easily available in the digital world, and they are often delivered straight to your sofa at home. Yet, people want to be offered new experiences live and in the company of other people. Sports events, festivals and concerts across the world that bring hundreds of thousands of people together are proof of this.

Veikkaus Casino Tampere, Veikkaus’s second casino in Finland, will be built on the idea of working together, which is why various parties have already been involved in its design phase. Potential users of the casino have been extensively consulted, and customer and service paths are being developed in collaboration with the various partners.

Municipalities in Finland were asked to submit suggestions for the new casino’s site, and the on-going experience competition (in Finnish) invites everyone to be part of the creation of the most modern, cutting-edge and responsible casino in Europe. The competition is seeking completely new, imaginative experiences to be provided at the casino. How does a casino combine the latest ideas in service, interior design, design and technology? What’s the thing that makes people spontaneously exclaim WOW?

The casino, like the entire arena, will be a testament to collaborative activities. It will serve its customers seamlessly through its entire partner network. Casino Tampere will combine gaming with hotel and restaurant services as well as sporting and cultural events. Its location right in the heart of the city will encourage people to come to the venue, and the arena, home to two ice hockey teams, will also ensure that the casino guests can experience the exciting atmosphere live.

Your sofa at home can be beaten, but it takes skills and courage to do things in a new way. Consumer expectations are high and digital features will offer unprecedented ways to meet them. New identification methods, 5G, holograms, virtual and augmented reality and many other as yet unknown opportunities will lead the way to a whole new kind of customer and service experience. New technologies will also help to improve security and responsible implementation of all stages of service, which is particularly important when it comes to the gaming sector.

We will have various means to surprise even the most demanding customers, right from the moment they first think about going to the arena or an event.

Ari Tuuli, Project Manager, Casino Tampere, Veikkaus

Veikkaus is to open its second casino in Finland. Casino Tampere, which aims to be the most modern casino in Europe, will offer more than 100 slot machines, about a dozen table games, cash and tournament poker, sports games and Veikkaus’s other digital and mobile games. As with all gaming venues, Casino Tampere will admit customers who are 18 years and older.

Red Bull becomes Tampere Deck Arena partner

Red Bull becomes Tampere Deck Arena partner


Red Bull is the official energy drink partner of Tampere Deck Arena. The cooperation agreement covers not only the sale of energy drinks but also collaboration in marketing activities.

Under the agreement, Red Bull drinks will be sold at all of the arena’s outlets, and the agreement will cover all events held at the arena. The arena’s utilisation rate will be high right from its opening, as the two Tampere hockey teams, Ilves and Tappara, will play their home games there from the 2021-2022 season. The arena will also be the main venue for the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships.

“The agreement with Tampere Deck Arena is important to us. Our investment in local ice hockey kicked off last year with the Red Bull Läpimurto concept, and with this arena collaboration we will be more involved in the actual game events”, says Red Bull’s Country Manager, Petteri Parta.

Tampere Deck Arena will also be a venue for a wide range of international cultural and musical events and experiences with a variety of artists.

“In addition to sports, we will also support local culture together with some of the biggest festivals and artists in Finland. Tampere Deck Arena’s capacity of 15,000 guests will be a great setting where we can take event experiences to the next level,” Parta continues.

“We are very happy and proud to have partnered with Red Bull. Red Bull will be a great boost to the arena’s partner network in terms of marketing, event and adventure activities, both in Finland and internationally,” says Mika Sulin of Starsquad Oy, which is responsible for partnerships at Tampere Deck Arena.



Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He developed not only the energy drink itself but also Red Bull’s unique marketing concept. Red Bull energy drink was launched in its home market in Austria on 1 April 1987. It was not just the launch of a brand new product but also the launch of a whole new product category. Red Bull is now available in more than 171 countries, and about 75 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed to date.


Photo: Jacobo Medrano, Red Bull Content Pool