NoHo: Unique restaurant experiences

Unique restaurant experiences

Rauli Kamppinen, NoHo Partners
“The partnership in the Deck and the Arena project offers a great opportunity for us to strengthen our foothold as a producer of delicious restaurant experiences for events and city centres,” Rauli Kamppinen, NoHo Partners

Good food is an increasingly important part of a successful event. Whether it is a casual game on a weeknight, a world-class concert or an international conference, visitors expect to be provided with high-quality food and restaurant services. This is a great trend that challenges all players in the industry to develop their service concepts.

Developments in consumer behaviour and fast-changing food trends can also been seen at various events. Consumers are much more quality-conscious, and the range of products has had to expand considerably. Food and drink offered at events need to be selected with international trends, different diets and healthiness in mind.

Global trends, such as climate change, food ethics and eco-friendliness, are making diners more interested in the origin of food and drink, responsible production methods and vegetarian food. In the Arena, this will mean taking sustainability into account in all restaurant services, from the climate impacts of cooking to biodegradable containers.

The Arena will be a great opportunity for us to highlight NoHo's comprehensive range of restaurant services and to offer customers new restaurant experiences. The roots of our company are in Tampere, and we believe that a partnership with the Tampere Deck Arena will be an inspiring honour for us. To be a provider of restaurant services even when there are no events on will strengthen our position as a forerunner.

In addition to the new restaurant and food experiences, our range of meals will also feature some strong and well-known Tampere traditions. The most important thing is that all visitors to the Arena will be able to find the right option for them and for the occasion. The good old sausage and beer will stay on the menu, but vegan sausages will also be available and the beer may be served in a biodegradable pint cup.

Rauli Kamppinen, Restaurant Group Director, NoHo Partners

NoHo Nordic Hospitality Partners (formerly Restamax Oyj) has the exclusive right to provide all restaurant services at the Tampere Deck Arena. Top-quality restaurant concepts will be created to serve the wide range of events and customer segments at the arena. Read more

Hartwall: “What would an event be without great drinks to go with it?”

Drinks experiences in a venue like no other

Seppo Salkoharju, Harwall
“What would an event be without great drinks to go with it?” Seppo Salkoharju, Sales Director, Hartwall

What would an event be without great drinks to go with it? Food and drinks that go with the event and the event’s atmosphere are just as important for the overall experience as good company. Hartwall’s brands can be found in places where the most wonderful experiences are created, and, of course, this will also be the case with Tampere Deck Arena.

Our partnership with Tampere Deck Arena is like the bubbles in our Vichy water: sheer perfection. The Arena is a unique venue in which our versatile selection of drinks can really shine. Our master brewers’ masterpieces will be poured into pint glasses in a brand new environment. Our ten-year contract will cover all beverage sales in restaurants and events across the entire new arena.

The exceptionally extensive cooperation between Hartwall and the arena will give guests a taste of international favourites as well as Finnish specialty beers. In addition to well-known drinks brands, we will focus on our beer selection. Specialty beers are growing in popularity in Finland, as are Finnish and local flavours and ingredients. These beer trends will have a strong presence in Tampere Deck Arena. Other growing trends, such as organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and eco-friendly products, will also be reflected in our selection of beverages.

Experiences and people will come together not just in the next-generation arena but also in digital and social media environments. With the digital ecosystem that we’ll create for the arena, we’ll be able to surprise visitors with personalised and customised drinks experiences.

Products with a genuine story will always be appreciated, and the arena will offer us the opportunity to create new, stunning stories together with friends of great drinks.

Seppo Salkoharju, Sales Director, Hartwall The customer is the star at the Arena

The customer is the star at the Arena

Ari Palhamo,
“The Arena will lift the event business to a new level in Finland.” Ari Palhamo,

The Tampere Deck Arena will be much more than just a sophisticated experience centre. It is already an exceptional project, both in terms of its scale and its innovativeness. The Arena, which is rising in the heart of Tampere, will lift the event business to a new level in Finland. We are undergoing a massive change, and wants to be involved in supporting, promoting and accelerating this change.

Consumers are not only interested in the event itself, but also in everything related to it, as long as there are services available to them. This sounds obvious, but here in Finland we still have a lot to do in this respect. Here, people arrive at a venue 15 minutes before an event is due to start, whilst in the US, people arrive two to three hours early. Also, say a game goes into extra time, over here the restaurants would usually already be closed by the time it finishes.

The Tampere Deck Arena will be an opportunity to change things. will introduce the Smart Venue application to the new arena, which will lift event services and customer experience to a new level. We’ll move from a producer-oriented model, where all service providers do business separately, to a customer-driven, holistic service model. The partners that will operate at the Arena will build shared experiences.

This will be possible by harnessing big data, digital features and mobile technology for event use in a new way. Now is the time, and with the new arena we also have the opportunity to build a shared platform, an ecosystem, for event services. Making shopping easy will benefit everyone.

The service experience will be pleasant and streamlined from a visitor’s perspective, and it will be able to be planned in advance and tailored to suit everyone’s individual needs. Mass technology is almost ready for the implementation of new solutions, such as identifying members of the audience and, consequently, improving the flow of events and security. Service providers and sponsors will have new opportunities to generate revenue, and the introduction of new technology will also benefit event organisers who compete with each other over bringing big productions to Finland.

It is therefore easy to understand that, for us, collaboration with the Tampere Deck Arena is much more than just another partnership. It’s our chance to be the first to create something completely new, and we are more than excited about it. This will be big for all of us.

Ari Palhamo, CEO, and Tampere Deck Arena have signed a significant strategic ticketing and marketing agreement. The ten-year contract guarantees the exclusive right to sell tickets to all events held at the new arena. is part of Europe’s largest ticketing company. In Finland, markets and sells tickets to memorable moments at thousands of cultural, entertainment and sporting events every year. Read more

Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull is the official energy drink partner of Tampere Deck Arena. The cooperation agreement covers not only the sale of energy drinks but also collaboration in marketing activities. Red Bull drinks will be sold at all of the arena’s outlets, and the agreement will cover all events held at the arena. Read more

Tampere Deck Arena is the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Tampere Deck Arena is the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

The Tampere Deck Arena has been confirmed as the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. According to the decision published today by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, one preliminary round group, two quarterfinals, semifinals and final games will be played in Tampere.

"We are incredibly proud and happy to be able to host the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in the Tampere Deck Arena. We want to thank the arranging organization and the Finnish Ice Hockey Association for this honor. The modern multi-purpose arena will offer players, fans and partners first class conditions to enjoy the event", says Timo Nieminen, Executive Vice President of SRV.

A strong network of partners behind the world-class ice hockey event

A strong network of partners offers a stable ground on which to build this world-class sporting event. The arena is also working in close cooperation with the arranging organization.

“For us this is great news. We really look forward to coming to Tampere: brand new arena will offer us an outstanding setting for the event. The location next to the railway is excellent, arena is easily and ecologically reached from around Finland. In addition, the involvement of the city is outstanding, which means a lot for the organizer” says General Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Heikki Hietanen, in the statement published by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

The new arena will launch Tampere to a whole new era, and hosting the IIHF World Championship has great significance for the city. Mayor of Tampere, Lauri Lyly, says that for Tampere, city known as the hockey capital of Finland, it is an honor to host the IIHF World Championship.

”The venue has symbolic value, as the first ever IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship played in Finland was the 1965 event organized in the newly built Hakametsä Ice Hall in Tampere. In 2022 we will again have a brand new arena built on Tampere Deck. Also, our tram network will open conveniently before the event”, says Lyly.

IIHF Vice President Kalervo Kummola wants to thank the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for their support in financing the project.

”Getting a new arena to Tampere has been a long process, the planning started already in 2006 so for the city new arena is a huge thing. When looking from the IIHF’s perspective it’s great that in 2022 the World Championship is organized in the most modern arena in Europe.”

Dates for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship are May 13-29. Switzerland will host the games next spring, and in 2021, Belarus and Latvia will function as co-hosts for the Championship.

You can read the Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s news here

Tappara: Tappara is a state of mind

Tappara is a state of mind

Aki Holma, Tappara
”The most important thing that we’ll bring to the new arena is the unique atmosphere of the Hakametsä ice hockey arena.” Aki Holma, Tappara

More than 50 years ago, in 1965, Tappara moved from an outdoor rink to the then brand new ice rink in Hakametsä. The team’s history will enter a new chapter after the next season as they move to the new state-of-the-art arena in autumn 2021.

Both Tappara and its fans expect the Tampere Deck Arena to lift ice hockey events to a new, international level. Events will no longer involve just ice hockey but experiences and the experience industry, which will be particularly important in terms of international ice hockey events such as the European Champions Hockey League. The Arena will provide a platform for world-class ice hockey, experiences and new business opportunities. Could e-sports be part of Tappara’s future in addition to traditional ice hockey?

In the new Arena, everything will be new, big and modern, including the technical features. But even if the tools and equipment are of the highest quality, people must first learn how to use them. If you give an average driver a Ferrari and ask him to drive as fast as he can, he’s sure to struggle. The same applies to the new arena. The opportunities are endless, but practise is required.

The elements behind a sporting success are not necessarily obvious to outsiders and audiences, who, however, have expectations for their team, the game and the venue. Sporting events are evolving and are offering more audience-friendly and interactive entertainment and experiences than before. During an ice hockey season, this has to happen 40 times.

The Tampere Deck Arena offers great opportunities to develop ice hockey and other related activities. It’s a unique and visible project, which can further increase ice hockey’s popularity in Pirkanmaa. The new arena will also be of interest to professional players, making Tappara and Ilves even more attractive teams.

The most important thing that we’ll bring to the new arena is the unique atmosphere of the Hakametsä ice hockey arena. Such an atmosphere takes years to achieve. Fan culture and related traditions must be preserved: supporters must feel comfortable and at home even at the new home arena.

Aki Holma, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tappara

Tappara, founded in 1955, is a Tampere-based ice hockey and figure skating club with a team in the Finnish Ice Hockey League. Tappara, known as Tammerfors Bollklubb (TBK) before 1955, has won the Finnish Championships 17 times, and shares the title of the winner of the most Finnish championships with its local rival Ilves. Read more

The forefront of experiences – the Arena website has been launched

The forefront of experiences – the Arena website has been launched

The official website of Tampere Deck Arena has been launched at The Arena project is sparking a lot of international interest, and you can find all the relevant information on this new website. It provides all the latest news about the project’s progress and introduces readers to the Arena’s ever-growing array of magnificent partners.

“As the project progresses, the Arena will attract more and more interest from different parties, and it’s great to have all the information on one website:,” says Tuomas Kinnunen, the project’s Marketing Manager.

The new website is home to all the official information and Arena-related news. You can find the latest news and announcements in the News section.

You can also follow news about the project on social media with the hashtag #VisitKansi. The Arena is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @VisitKansi, and on LinkedIn with @TampereenKannenAreena.

Recruitment of a Managing Director for Tampere Deck Arena is under way

Recruitment of a Managing Director for Tampere Deck Arena is under way

A vacancy for Managing Director of Tampere Deck Arena opened in May, generating a large degree of interest. The selection process has now reached the interview stage. Selecting the Managing Director is the first recruitment task for the company that is responsible for the Arena’s business operations, and the new Managing Director will be announced later this year.

“The role of the Managing Director is to create an environment for profitable business as well as for world-class event operations, concerts, congresses and sporting events. We are pleased with the number and quality of the applications we received, and we believe that we can find the right person among the applicants,” says Project Development Director, Kari Mäkelä.

The new arena, which will be completed at the Tampere Deck, will be the first experience centre in Europe to be located right in the heart of the city centre. More than one million annual visitors to the Arena are estimated to generate up to 28 million euros of added value for Tampere every year. This corresponds to approximately 610 jobs.

Leading Finnish companies will be in charge of sporting and entertainment events and congresses at the Arena. The flagship entertainment activity will be Veikkaus’s casino, while Lapland Hotels will run the hotel operations, and NoHo Partners and Hartwall are among the companies that will manage the restaurants and catering services. Tappara and Ilves will also play their home games at the Arena, which will be an important part of the events calendar. Lippupiste will manage ticket sales for all events.

“The partnership agreements that we have already signed are significant and an indication of the attractiveness of the whole area and the concept. The Managing Director will play a key role in creating an experience centre of national and international importance in Tampere city centre, which is reinventing itself,” says Tero Tenhunen, Project Director at the City of Tampere.

The best arena for ice hockey

The best arena for ice hockey

An atmospheric home arena and a stage for international championships

Finland has one of the best ice hockey teams in the world, and Tampere has always been a pioneer of the sport. There’s no better place for one of the most sophisticated ice hockey arenas in the world! More than 13,000 spectators will be able to watch games at the new Tampere Deck Arena.

It will be home to the two Tampere teams, Tappara and Ilves, which will be able to enjoy the state-of-the-art premises while their fans get absorbed in the game. The Arena will apply a ‘fans first’ concept. Fans will be involved in the planning phase, which will ensure that the stands will be as fan-friendly as possible and also the most modern in Europe. Both teams will play their home games at the new arena from the 2021–22 season. At least 70 games of top ice hockey will be played at the Arena every year. In addition to the rink, the Arena will feature a modern practice rink and a gym.

The first big international event is already scheduled to take place in 2022, when the Arena aims to hold the World Championships.

A world-class event arena

A world-class event arena

A platform for experiences of all sizes

The new top arena in Finland will offer an amazing setting for world-class concerts, conferences, show events and expos. The hotel, the casino and the arena – along with their comprehensive services – will form a unique site that flexibly serves a variety of event organisers.

The modern, flexible spaces can be easily transformed to stage different events of all sizes. When used for concerts, the Tampere Deck Arena will be able to host as many as 15,000 spectators. If necessary, the arena can be divided into two separate auditoriums. The upper stands can also be easily opened and closed with a motorised curtain system according to the number of spectators.

The stands will be filled sector by sector so that it will always look full and streamlined; this is also cost-effective for event organisers.

The Arena will also offer the largest stalls area in Finland with seats for up to 3,500 spectators, which will be surrounded by stands. This will be made possible by state-of-the-art retractable telescopic stands. For example, the stage can be placed against the back wall and the lower stands form a horseshoe around it at concerts. When all the lower stands are moved aside, the stalls area can be used for events such as summer festivals.